Summary and Control Sheets

Summary Sheets

A summary sheet must accompany each solution submitted for judging in the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge.

The summary is a very important part of your IM2C paper. The judges place considerable weight on the summary, and winning papers are sometimes distinguished from other papers based on the quality of the summary.

To write a good summary, imagine that a reader may choose whether or not to read the body of the paper based on your summary. Thus, a summary should clearly describe your approach to the problem and, most prominently, what your most important conclusions were. The summary should inspire a reader to learn the details of your work.

Summaries that are mere restatements of the contest problem, or are a cut-and-paste from the Introduction are generally considered to be weak.

Control Sheets

In addition to the Summary Sheet, each team must also download, complete, and attach a Team Control Sheet to their submission. This sheet is a declaration from the participants pledging that they have abided by the contest rules and instructions. It must be signed by each individual member of the team and the team advisor.