Preparing a team

A team may consist of up to four secondary level students, enrolled in the same school, and a nominated team advisor (usually a teacher).

When preparing a team to enter the IM2C, it is important to ensure that all students have access to computers that enable them to word process, use a spreadsheet, and dynamically model both graphs and geometric relationships. Students should also have access to graphing calculators.

Team advisors are encouraged to coach and prepare teams in advance for the IM2C, with sample problems and supporting materials being made available as the commencement date draws closer.

All parents of students participating in the contest must sign a Parental/Guardian Permission Form

making their child's work available (with confidentiality assurance) for use in example and training materials for IM2C professional development activities. Additionally, should their team be designated as a national or international finalist, the students' Solution Paper (or solution abstract) may be published on line.

When registering for the IM2C, be sure to use a valid current e-mail address so that we can use it to contact your team at any point before, during, or after the contest, if necessary.

Each team will be automatically assigned a control number by the IM2C system at the point of upload of team reports. This is unique to your team, and identifies you as participants in both the Australian Round, and subsequent rounds of the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge.