Teamwork and report writing

Every team is different and so will vary in how it operates. All teams, however, need to collaborate for all planning, implementing, solving, evaluating and reporting procedures. The following suggestions are provided to support team decision-making. It is assumed that team members understand the mathematical modelling framework.

Selecting a team

Successful teamwork in mathematical modelling depends both on team composition and on the quality of collaboration between team members. Read more about selecting a team here.

Collaborative competence

We can consider teamwork through educational theory, such as the notion of the zone of proximal development: the gap between what a student can achieve working alone and when aided. Read more about collaborative competence here.

Timelines and tasks

Team members should practice – and consider timelines, documentation, and order of tasks – so that a routine can be put into action automatically over the days of the challenge. Read more about planning here.

Teacher/mentor assistance

Taking on the IM2C, or indeed any modelling task, is no mean feat. However, it should also be said that teachers of senior mathematics classes have demonstrated that they are more than capable of teaching the necessary skills given interest and enthusiasm, especially if the students realise the importance of the topic in industry, science, and life generally. Read advice for teachers and mentors here.

Writing a modelling report

Writing reports is not easy and it takes a great deal of practice to produce reports of value. Preferably, students should have experience of writing reports before they undertake the IM2C. Read more about report writing here.